We are committed to helping families reach backyard perfection with every above ground pool we make.


Wilbar has been manufacturing above ground pools since 1961. Started in the founder’s basement, our company has been owned by the same family for the entire time of inception. All Wilbar Group products are proudly manufactured in our U.S. and Canada facilities. Our proven manufacturing processes and premium materials make the Wilbar Group above ground pools leaders in cutting-edge technologies, materials, and commitment to excellence.

As a full-line above ground pool manufacturer, the Wilbar Group makes steel, hybrid, resin and aluminum pools, thus offering a wide range of products to meet consumer needs.


Our steel pools are made with hot-dipped premium galvanized steel and use a sophisticated system of coatings that protects against the effects of corrosion, UV exposure and everyday wear and tear.

By combining the strength of steel and the aesthetics of resin, our hybrid pools give the best of both worlds. Advanced engineering, superior materials and renowned durability provide incredible endurance.

Our resin pools are built strong and durable and what makes them stand out is the high-quality resin injection process we use to produce each part of the pool structure. The injection molding process not only ensures strength and durability but also allows us to be more creative in developing shapes and curves which enables us to offer an array of beautiful contemporary pool designs.

There’s a reason that aluminum is the material of choice for the airline, automotive and construction industries – aluminum is the material people trust for incredible strength and its corrosion resistance.

Whether you choose a steel, resin, hybrid, or aluminum above ground pool, the Wilbar Group is ready to help transform any backyard into an oasis.